Jewellery Care

Jewelry Properly to Prevent Damage The first step to caring for jewelry, is proper storage. Even diamonds, considered the hardest natural substance on Earth, can still chip. Gold, a soft metal, can easily scratch and tangle.Generally, items should be kept separately, rather than tossed together in a drawer.

Beware of Harsh Chemicals Household cleaning products can weaken and discolor the gems and metals used in jewelry. Remove your jewelry (even wedding rings) before using products that contain acids, bases, or abrasives, or wear long rubber gloves while cleaning. Never wear jewelry in pools or hot tubs, as chlorine is known to cause both gold and silver to deteriorate. It can also damage plated metal jewelry and gemstones.

Avoid Rough Activities To wear a ring,is to expose the piece to constant sources of potential damage. Cleaning, exercise, gardening, and manual labor are everyday activities that can cause breakage or loss. It is thus advisable to remove your jewelry before you engage in rough activities; doing so will safeguard it from scratches, chips, or other damage.

Keep Jewelry Clean Dust, skin oil, and other substances can cause diamonds to lose their sparkle. Similarly, the bright, shimmery appearance of platinum, sterling silver, and gold jewelry quickly fades if these pieces aren’t properly cleaned and maintained.

Conclusion The luster, beauty, and value of expensive jewelry can be preserved with proper care and maintenance. You will be sure to enjoy its undiminished beauty and shine for years to come.